Columbus locksmith's most popular lock would have to be the combination dial locks. These are mechanical and require a set of numbers or letters in order to unlock it.  Columbus locksmith understands the need in society for this lock and has a wide selection available for you to choose from. This type of lock has been around for decades, which is why Columbus locksmith takes pride in providing them.Columbus locksmith will not only provide you with a highly protective combination dial lock, but also tune it for you so you can create a personal combination.  If necessary, you can reset the combination, alone or with the help of  Columbus locksmith.

 Columbus locksmith provides keyed locks, which are mechanical in nature and require a key to be opened.  Columbus locksmith understands the consumer's needs and provides hundreds of different key locks. This type of lock is good for multiple reasons, and  Columbus locksmith realizes this. If needed, you can create only one key at  Columbus locksmith, which only one person has access to, or you can create multiple keys, in order for any number of people to be able to have access to opening the lock. With  Columbus locksmith, any number of keys can be created for an individual, a group, or even a company. You can also trust  Columbus locksmith because they value your safety as well as your privacy.